Post-Communist Bratislava Tour


Post-Communist Bratislava Tour

Since 2010 Brano, Peter and Juro are "on tour" with their international guests in Bratislava and other parts of Slovakia.

We were born in Bratislava - and we love this city with all its ups and downs.
Joining our tours we offer alternatives to mass tourism in Slovak capital.

All of us are excited to reveal you our city with passion and no censorship.

The Post-Communist Bratislava Tour is a funky retro tour in a legendary 70’s Czechoslovak car Škoda

or crappy 8-seater van Škoda 1203 through the off-the-beaten-track places of the communist past as well as recent transformations in Bratislava.

Visit a vast concrete housing estate area, the Soviet monument Slavín,

abandoned factories, riverside developments, 1930’s bunker line, the former Iron Curtain border zone

and loads of communist architecture.

Local insights guaranteed!

This tour brings alive the story of Bratislava in the 20th century - political changes, town’s location on the border,

contrasts between rich and poor, development of the society, architecture.

Please note that in some cases (winter conditions, car repairs etc.) we can not guarantee the retro cars,

but go with our funky green 1992 VW Caravelle or other post-socialist / capitalist car ;)

2016 we got the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for this tour and also the "Lonely planet" listed us as "Top Choice".

Beside the Post-Communist Bratislava Tour we are also offering some other authentic tours in Bratislavia and Slovakia.

If you are interested, please take a look at our website:


Brano, Peter und Juro

Price range: 
31€ - 50€