Castle Laxenburg


Laxenburg Castle Gardens are amongst Europe’s most important historical castle grounds.

These extensive grounds have been continually extended since the Middle Ages.

Today, they cover an area of 280 hectares.

This „work of art“ is enriched by picturesque landscaping, valuable groves and some distinctive ornamental buildings.

In addition to the Old Castle and the Blue Court (Blauer Hof), there are numerous follies, mythical grottos,

temples as well as a tournament area with a medieval flavour.

Its castle grounds are considered to be a showpiece as far as it concerns the horticulture of the 18th/19th century.

It was Maria Theresia together with her grand-son, emperor Franz who were responsible for the expansion of the park to 280 hectares.

The gardens are decorated in a lovely and fanciful way.

In addition to the “blue court” (“Blauer Hof”) there is a high number of buildings of joy, mystical grottos, temples and the medieval tournament site.

After her splendid wedding with emperor Franz Joseph, empress Sisi spent her honeymoon in Laxenburg.

She loved endless riding-outs through Laxenburgs woods. It was also in Laxenburg castle where her son crown prince Rudolph was born.

entrance fee for the park for adults: 2,30 €

entrance fee for the park for children: 1,- €