Discover Vienna

Sandra Schäfer


For the past 15 years, Sandra has been working as a journalist. Under the label of “Kulturfüchsin” (“Culture Fox”), she is always searching for exciting stories focusing on the Viennese culture scene. In her tours, she connects the past with the present in an fascinating and entertaining way. She likes to concentrate on historical aspects and topics that are often hidden from the public eye, but should nonetheless be exposed in greater detail.

"Women who wrote history"

This tour takes you to the Central Cemetery, one of the largest cemeteries in the world. We visit the final resting places of famous and once famous Viennese women and deal with their lives and work. 

Highlights of the Ring Road

This tour along the magnificent boulevard Vienna Ringstrasse takes place every Tuesday at 10 am. Currently this tour is only available in German.

Vienna illuminated

As a night owl, Sandra has always been fascinated by the city lights. Dimly-lit streets, illuminated shopping windows and house facades ablaze with colourful lights. Of course, where there is light, there is always shadow – an illuminative night tour between the past and the present.

Monuments Tour

Monuments speak volumes of historic times and personalities. Sandra guides you through some of the most interesting monuments of the city and offers insight into their history and the overall historic trends of putting up monuments. You will be enjoying a city tour down the memory lane carved of stone.

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