Discover Vienna

Touren - [FR]

Vienne à la francaise: Les incontournables!

Le centre-ville de Vienne en francais Au cours de cette tour guidée, vous rencontrerez les sites touristiques principaux du centre historique de Vienne. Découvrez comment Vienne a évolué au fil des siècles, admirez l'architecture caractéristique tandis que vous apprenez l'histoire de la ville. 

Wiener Weinberg-Tour

Wir organisieren Euren Ausflug in die Wiener Weinberge. Wir, das sind Astrid und Max, Max ist zertifizierter Austria Guide und Astrid Wien-Liebhaberin und Organisationstalent. Ihr gebt uns Eure Eckdaten, den Rest erledigen wir. Diese Tour ist besonders geeignet für JunggesellInnen-Abschiede, FreundInnen-Gruppen und kleine Teams.

Steps to the Viennese Soul

On our walk we explore the artistic and intellectual Vienna from the glorious fin de siècle when intellectuals and free spirits from various origins seemed to gravitate towards Vienna. 

Get Out of Your Corset!

Mothers, muses, patrons of men – which other roles have women played in Vienna’s past? And today? Elke takes you on a walk following the traces of fascinating women in Vienna.

Special Women and their Special Lives

Death must be Viennese, says a song by Georg Kreisler. And to be a Viennese, you don't have to be from Vienna, but you have to have died in Vienna and be buried here. Preferably at the Central Cemetery. 

Secret Passageways and Secret Passages

Getting to district 7 we will pass an old "passageway". How good that there are so many "voluntary passages" in Vienna. I'll show you ways through the city that you may not have walked for a long time or never walked at all. During our walk we will talk about history, literature and art of living.