above the rooftops of Vienna

above the rooftops of Vienna


Above the rooftops of Vienna!

Planning a short holiday in Vienna and you want to surprise yourself with an authentic Vienna package?
Then our 2-days program "Above the roofs of Vienna" is ideal!
With this package we combine City and nature, extravagance and traditions.

Day 1: Vienna intensively

Of course you should really get to know Vienna! Therefore we start our 2-days excursion with a 4-hours city-walk through Vienna.
First, we walk through the old city-center, we pass historic buildings and squares, stroll through hidden alleys and of course you will not miss some Vienna anecdotes during this walk!
After exploring the first district, we enter the world of the 2nd district, the "Leopoldstadt". More is not yet revealed at this point, because surprise must be! We are prepared for a beautiful and a bad weather variant.

Day 2: Vienna from different perspectives

On this day we will show you Vienna as you can rarely experience it! Good to have local support (our city-hosts) while exploring our brilliant city. From now on, you can leave your travel-guides at home, because our city-hosts know other stories. Together we discover various high spots outside the city-center. We pause here as there, at some stations we are entertained, some charm only with their view.

"Above the rooftops of Vienna" is a 2-days program, bookable from Monday to Sunday.

This package includes:

    - 1 extensive guided city walk through 2 districts on the first day (about 4 hours)
    - Get your camera for THE Vienna panorama photo: we take an aperitif on a roof terrace with a stunning view over the historical center
    - Discover the surrounding of Vienna with a Viennese expert on the second day (about 5 hours)
    - Coffee and cake with a panoramic view over Vienna
    - 1/8 Viennese wine and a variation of spreads with bread

You will be accompanied by experienced locals for the whole Vienna-tour, so you do not have to worry about anything and can enjoy the impressions and views with all your senses!

This 2-days package costs € 199 / person for 2 participants
€ 145 / person with 3 participants
€ 115 / person with 4 or more participants

We are looking forward to hearing from you: sayhello@viennawithlocals.at