tradition meets glamour weekend

tradition meets glamour weekend


tradition meets glamour weekend

a weekend trip to Vienna

What do you except, if you decide to spend a weekend in Vienna?

Eating Schnitzel and seeing the dome?

Visiting castle Schönbrunn, which was the summer residence of imperor Franz Joseph and his famous wife Sisi?

Or do you want to discover Vienna more authentic?

Our team consists of 50 city-hosts, who have made their hobby a profession and they all want to show you Vienna as authentically as possible!

All city-hosts together speak 15 languages, all have an individual themed focus.
We also offer you individual tours, but with this package we have taken the spoiled for choice and we combined some Vienna with locals highlights for you.
Vienna traditional and Vienna modern, both contemporary experienced! Accompanied by our expert hosts. This is our plan!

What we can offer:

Saturday: discover the city

4 hours tour on foot and public transport through Vienna: Starting in the historic old town, we pass by prominent places, we wander through the oldest streets and discover fascinating courtyards. After the historical center walking tour, we ride comfortably with the tram and switch into a district with hyper-modern architecture at its finest. Yes, this is also Vienna ;)

In the evening, we will leave you to the experts of the nightlife tour. They bring you to places that you do not find in the travel guide, they know what is going on when. Is´s even better?

Sunday: Vienna and wine

The fact that Vienna is the only European city with wine cultivated within the city, some may still know.

But where we can stroll comfortably through the vineyards and where the rustic "Heurigen" are hidden is not easy to find out.
We take you to our favorite places. And we love to do that! And we invite you for a glass of our famous "Gspritzter".

This package costs 180,- € / person with 2 participants
110,- € / person for 3 participants
80,- € / person for 4 or more participants

You will be accompanied all time by experienced Viennese city-hosts

so you can enjoy Vienna with all your senses!

Interested? Write us an email: sayhello@viennawithlocals.at