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Augarten Tour


 “A place of amusement dedicated to everyone. From your appraiser” we read above the triumphal arch entrance portal of the Augarten. We gladly accept the invitation from 1775 and enter the front garden, with a view of the elongated building of the porcelain factory, as the end of a former courtyard of a palace. Now it becomes puzzling: Where do we see the Old Favorita, the summer palace of the Habsburgs? What is the name of the palace on the right over the surrounding wall? Do we already see the oldest baroque garden in Vienna? During the approximately two-hour guided walk, I tell you many exciting stories about famous people and historical events related to the Augarten. And: How did the time-honored baroque garden develop into a modern leisure oasis with a famous manufactory and a classy boarding school. 


Eine Anmeldung zur Tour ist notwendig. Die Tour findet ab drei vollzahlenden Teilnehmer*innen statt. Der Treffpunkt wird mit der Ticket-Bestätigung bekannt gegeben.

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Preis: Adults EUR 16.50, young people (15 to 18 years) EUR 8.00, children up to 15 years free. 

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