city-walk with author Harald Havas


city-walk with author Harald Havas

Weird Vienna

Vienna is world-famous for music, art, history, pastries, wine, and a certain old world charm.

But Vienna is also a place of weird things and weirdos, morbidity and a very sarcastic (but always sugar coated) sense of humor.

Viennese born and based author Harald Havas has a sharp eye for these more or less hidden details.

And loves to explore them through a humorous tinted looking glass.

Be it the world's first underground toilet (still in use) or mountain goats being reared on a landfill,

the fact that cappuccinos and bagels originate in Vienna

or a Viennese physics noble prize winner with paranormal powers.

Havas was born in Vienna, he studied journalism and Italian, and works as an author of books, comic-books, board-games and screenplays as well as journalist.

He already published a whole bunch of books about the weirdnesses of his home town Vienna as well as his home country Austria.

Many of which became local bestsellers.

In his walks through the city he presents a kind of “best of” aimed especially at non-Austrians and visitors.

In a playful and witty tone Havas tells stories and strange or funny facts that can be enjoyed though by all listeners curious for curiosities regardless of their knowledge of Vienna.

The price for this exclusive tour with Harald Havas is 180,- for 2 people 

3-15 people: 250,- 

We are so happy, that we could allure Harald Havas to join the Vienna with locals team!

If you are interested in a city-walk with Harald, please write him a personal message!

And: have fun with him in Vienna!




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+ 100€