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Coffeehouse Tour with Barbara

Coffeehouse Tour

Vienna and Coffeehouses are inseparable. But just ordering a “coffee” will not get you far.

There are more than 20 different variety on how to have your coffee made: whether with cream, whipped cream or milk or maybe even with a little ‘spirit’…..

In Vienna coffeehouses not only have long tradition, they actually are an institution where literature and politics were – and are – made.

Viennese like to consider their preferred coffee houses as an extension to their own living room!

And then there are the lovely pastries! Having cakes and strudel give it the final touch!

Being a passionate Viennese and habitual visitor of coffeehouses I am looking forward to showing you my favorite places in town.

Let me introduce you to the history of coffeehouses, the art of coffee brewing and cake baking!

Taste for yourself which coffee speciality you like best and compare the vast offer of cakes and pastries.

It’s a unique experience you can only have in Vienna!

150 € for an approx. 3 hours tour for 1-4 participants; consumptions not included.

Please contact me for available dates.



Price range: 
+ 100€