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Haunted and Legends Tour

This guided tour takes you through the dark alleys of Vienna. There are stories about hauntings, vampires, so-called witches, historical criminal cases, the dead and the undead (and everything in between). The approximately two-hour walk ends at midnight at St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Walk with your guide along the walls of the Hofburg, pass the Augustinerkirche, and listen the stories about ancient legends and suspicious characters.

Continue to the "Neuer Markt" and listen to the spooky stories about strange occurrences. Explore "Blutgasse", one of the oldest streets of the city centre, and look out for haunted houses.

Learn more about the history of vampires and witches in Vienna and how this played a role in the creation of the "Dracula" novel.


The tour starts at 10 pm in the Hofburg-area at the Schweizertor and ends at midnight at St. Stephen's Cathedral.

Price per person for 2 hours: 20,- €.

Students and Senior citizens: 15,- €

The tour is currently only available in German.

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