Vienna (trans)local | Vienna with locals


Vienna (trans)local Tour

Let me show you my colorful translocal Vienna!

Viennese people bring various cultural backgrounds into one place as many paths lead to this unique city in central Europe.

My individually arranged guided tour* for you may include a visit at our beautiful mosque,

a new amazing hair style you get in an afro salon,

turkish coffee in proper atmosphere, enjoying lots of humus, 

Viennese "Beisl" pub vibes,

the best Applestrudel in the city (and probably the whole world),

an authentic italian dinner and many more awesome experiences.

Use your senses: experience, smell, taste, hear, learn about translocalities in Vienna.

I am looking very much forward to being your guide for one special day!

Tour price including snacks, drinks and tickets: € 115/person, 3 or more special sprice € 90/person.



Price range: 
81€ - 100€