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Discover Vienna

Why Vienna eats what it eats


At the tour, three levels are always dealt with. 

1. The ingredients: During the tour, you will learn where our most popular ingredients come from, since they have been used by us and, if applicable, how they came to us. 

The poppy on our pastries 

The caraway on the roast 

The meat in our soup pot 

The fruits on our trees

2. Viennese dishes: From whom we have learned them and where they have been further exported. 

The "Kipferl" baker in Paris 

Debreziner and the post  

The bohemian cooks at court 

The dumpling makers from the mountains 

3. Society How has the shopping list and the method of preparation changed over the course of history? 

From pineapple to strawberry 

Praying during preparation of a yeast dough

The Viennese crab in Paris 

From pound to decagram 

And by the way, if you are interested, I can of course explain all the sights on our way in an entertaining way.


meeting point Schwedenplatz Bus-stop station
duration: 2 hours
number of guests: max. 15


price/person at fix dates: € 26,-

price for a group: € 260,-

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