Wine and walking


Wine and walking


WINE AND WALKING – the silent beauty of austrian „Kellergassen“


The „Kellergassen“ are unique in Europe, old streets with small buildings and wine-cellars, formerly used for the storage of wine.

And nowadays those wine-cellars are still used for the same purpose, storaging wine, and host guests, who drink the wine!

The „Weinviertel“ is located north-east, just a bit outside of Vienna. If you want to have a rest of the busy town and you like to walk – it is a great place to visit!

Joining the tour "Wine and walking" you will discover small hills, wineyards, sunflowers and cereals are growing, inmidst silent villages.

Come with me and lets walk together, I`ll tell you stories about the former growing of wine,

and you enjoy the beauty and silence of the landscape.


I am a tour guide and a painter and I am glad to show you the beauty of this area- and it could be that you are the only tourist there.


Daytrip and walking

We take the train to go there and come back (about 40 minutes), we will walk about 3 – 4 hours on old paths, hiking through this beautiful landscape and have lunch in a very good restaurant (costs are not included in the price), before we go back to Vienna

50 Euro pP, minimum 4 people


Half daytrip and walking

We take the public transport to go to Stammersdorf (ca 35 miniutes),

walk up to 2 hours around, visit the „Kellergasse“ (wine-cellar path) and end up at an Heurigen with traditional food and wine (costs are not included in the price),

After enough relaxing and enjoying-time, and finsihing our Viennese snacks, we head back to Vienna with the tram.

30 Euro pP, minimum 4 people


Daytrip and biking

Via public transport (around 40 minutes with a fast train) we reach our target-location,

then we use pedal power and slide through this beautiful landscape,

pass the romantic "Kellergassen" (wine-cellar paths) and small villages,

we will have some good food (costs are not included in the price) and enough time to relax and enjoy

before we are going back to Vienna, again by public transport.

You should bring your bike with you. If you don´t have one, I can help you finding one!

50 Euro pP, minimum 4 people

If you are interested I will be glad to send you more detailled informations about my trips.

Looking forward meeting you!




Price range: 
31€ - 50€